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Below are some questions we frequently get asked that we want to answer for you! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Our contact information can be found at the top or the bottom of this page.

How long is the dance season?

September to the first week of June. We follow the School District 73 calendar for Winter and Spring Breaks.

Are you closed on Pro-D days?

No, we are open on Pro-D days. The studio is only closed for Thanksgiving Monday, Halloween, Remembrance Day,  Easter Friday, Winter Holidays and Spring Holidays.

Why is the payment plan prorated?

This allows us to break the payments down, so a customer can pay their balance owing over a 10 month span. The plan does not reflect how many classes are in the month.

Why is the September payment more expensive?

We want our customers to pay the lowest fee possible. We try our best to make dance affordable for all families. Because the payment plan is prorated, we try to find an affordable price for October to June and then a lump sum is paid in September. This keeps the payments as low as possible throughout the year. 

Why is there a fee in June if we only dance for one week that month?

The payment plan is prorated and spread over a ten month plan to keep costs down. June is the tenth month of payment. Our payment plan is prorated and does not reflect the number of classes in a month.

What payment plans do you offer?

You may set up a Visa or MasterCard for monthly withdrawal, or provide us with a void cheque for monthly withdrawal from your debit account. Customers may choose between the first or the fifteenth of the month to be charged.

Why does my dancer need a costume for year end show?

Dance is a performing art. Costumes are what adds to the performance and creates unity amongst the team. Most to all of our dancers get so excited for costume season!

How is the price of the costume determined?

We do our best to keep our costume costs as low as possible. We order costumes from American as well as Canadian companies to find the best price. Each teacher spends time searching for the best costume for your dancer (and your wallet). Materials and labor for costumes do cost, however the pricing is comparable to hiring a seamstress.

Does my dancer have to participate in year end show?

Our goal is to have our dancers have a performance opportunity each year. Year end show gives them an opportunity to shine and build confidence. However, if a dancer is not wanting to or unable to attend, we always make appropriate arrangements for the dancer to benefit from the class without performing. Please let us know as early as possible in the year if your dancer isn't planning on dancing in the year end show.

Are all the classes competitive?

No! We have a large recreational program which focuses on building strong real life skills as well as dance technique. There is no competitive element involved in these classes. 

What if my child has an exceptionality or special need?

At AOD, we encourage inclusivity and that's what makes our community so great. Every student is welcome to dance
with us.

Why is there a fee for year end show tickets?

The cost of renting and staffing the theatre for show is very high. We are unable to afford to put on a performance without charging for tickets.

How is the venue chosen for year end show?

There is only one appropriate theatre space in Kamloops that holds the capacity we require and can accommodate our needs. Therefore, our options are limited to only this space and the costs that surround it.

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