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Our Mission

At AOD we believe in creating a fun, safe dance environment that honours the journey of each individual dancer.  We unite and empower today’s youth with life skills taught through dance, by uniting an art form with each individual’s journey, that creates an all inclusive, positive community.



Registration for the 2022/23 season is now open! Find the class time that suits your dancer based on age below. If you're on our mobile site, click here to view a PDF version of our schedule. Don't hesitate to contact the studio if you have any questions regarding class times and registration.

Ages 2-6

Ages 0-2



(by invitation only)

What's up at AOD?

At AOD, we never stop learning and creating.
Here are some of our recent accomplishments.

Acrobatic Arts Certified
Alixa Flexibility Certified

Tremaine Achievement Studies Las Vegas and NYC

Voted best dance studio in Kamloops 2019
Progressive Ballet Technique Certified
Moscow Ballet The Great
Russian Nutcracker Affiliate
Dance The Magic Disneyland
Dance Teacher Summit 2019

What are people saying about AOD?


My daughter loves it and her teachers are very patient and friendly.

Jah Phillip

Last night I went to the school to drop my daughter off and there was an older student helping the younger girls with their math homework, the students and teachers and helpers are always so nice and fun and cheery and welcoming and have helped my daughter with her anxiety so much. The school is like a big family.

Elaine Alec

You and your staff always go up and beyond our expectations of how you run the dance studio. Role models to the fullest!

Anita G.

Birthday Parties @ AOD

Did you know you could host your birthday party at AOD?

Private dance class for you and your friends.
Flexible planning on styles of dance.
Studio space for games, cake, presents, and more!
Share your love of dance with your friends!

Contact us for more info on how to have the best birthday... like, EVER!

What are we listening to?

Follow us on Spotify and check out our themed monthly playlists.

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